2011-2014 Mustang GT Weight Reduction Tips

Want some excellent 2011-2014 Mustang GT weight reduction tips that will help shed a few pounds off your Mustang GT, making it faster and more nimble. The 2011-2014 Mustang GT are on the heavy side which is not so bad, if you love the car right off the show room floor. However there are few of us that want the car to be faster and more nimble. Weight loss is just another way to get it easy.

Some aftermarket parts that add more performance if chosen will also have a weight reduction benefit. This makes good sense to choose your aftermarket up grades wisely. On the other hand, there are weight reduction tips that are actually free sort of speaking. All you just need is to make an adjustment.

How To Drop Some Pounds Off Your Mustang GT

So now we get to the good part. How to drop some pounds off your 2011-2014 Mustang GT that are not that hard to do. Many of us are not willing to put in an expensive aluminum k frame, or switch the hood and trunk lid to a lighter aluminum part. That would be looked at last as will involve big expense. Also most people cannot do this by themselves and will require it to go to a shop. This being as needs to be painted on so on, which again adds to the cost even more so.

Most of us want to do stuff that will drop some weight from our Mustangs. It must be easy so that can possibly be done fairly easily by ourselves. Or by a shop, but not at a great expense. Here is a list of items that most Mustang GT owners can do to drop some weight from their vehicle. These are fairly easily and without a great expense.

Weight Reduction List

Mustang GT Wheels: Replace your heavy factory wheels with nicer looking and lighter aluminum wheels. Mustang GT owners eventually want to replace their factory wheels to give their Mustang a look of its own. Just weigh your factory wheels and then switch to a lighter wheel. Then you will also gain the benefit of the weight reduction.

Mustang GT Axle Back Exhaust: Switching to an aftermarket Axle Back Exhaust is another very popular mod many Mustang GT owners do. The main purpose of changing your stock axle back exhaust is to have a more muscle car sounding mustang. Another benefit is found in regards to weight reduction by switching over to an aftermarket axle back exhaust. Stock Mustang GT axle back exhaust very heavy. A few of the aftermarket axle back exhaust systems are much lighter than stock. Some up to about a 29 pound weight drop over the stock system.

Switching Stock Driveshaft To An Aluminum One Piece Driveshaft Is Good For A Tenth Faster

Mustang GT Aluminum One Piece Driveshaft: Stock driveshaft in all 2011-2014 Mustang GT are very heavy weighing in at about 40 pounds. By replacing it with a one piece aluminum driveshaft, you will drop about 20 pounds of weight off your mustang. Doing this also adds a little power to get to the rear wheels and about a tenth faster. Weight reduction is only the side effect of switching to a aluminum driveshaft. You also will now have a much stronger than stock driveshaft. Stock driveshafts have been known to twist when adding more power or slicks to your mustang GT. It’s a no brainer, it’s a great upgrade to do and worth the money.

Mustang Aluminum Radiator: Change out your stock heavy radiator and replace it with a high quality aluminum one. There available from aftermarket sources like Ford Racing, which will shed about 10 pounds of weight off your front end. This will make your Mustang GT run a little cooler at the same time. Replacing your stock radiator and stock radiator support with the aftermarket lighter ones at the same time is best. You can drop 20 pounds of weight right there. This weight comes off the front end of your Mustang, which is great.

Dropping Weight Is Like Adding HP, More If It’s Rotating Weight Dropped

Mustang GT Seats: In this area of weight reduction you can get some from the removal of your Mustangs rear seat. It’s called a rear seat delete kit and is available from places like American Muscle. Will usually drop about 30-40 pounds of unwanted weight. Some of you may not want to remove your rear seats, is more of a procedure for racing.  Another option you can do to drop some weight is to replace your front stock seats. Install a set of lighter racing seats. This could drop up to 60 pounds of weight. Again this procedure is a more all-out race option, but it can be good for the street as well.

AC Compressor + AC Condenser: Remove the AC Compressor and AC Condenser plus lines and bolts, drop 22 lbs of weight off the front end. AC Compressor plus lines and bolts and belt remove 15 lbs and AC Condenser plus lines and bolts remove 7 lbs. So you drop 22 lbs weight total, gain a little hp from weight loss and ac belt removal. You also increase your radiator and trans cooler cooling. This happens as you removed blockage to increase air flow to them. Like magic you also increase the air flow to the starter as well as the AC Compressor blocks it a well.

Mustang Radiator Support: Replacing your stock radiator support with a stronger and lighter one such as ones from Steeda or BMR. You can drop about 10 pounds of unwanted weight from the front of your Mustang GT.

Free Weight Reduction For Your Mustang GT

Here is a totally free way to reduce weight from your Mustang GT that many people never realize. Gasoline weighs 7 pounds per gallon. so by just running a half tank of gas versus a full tank of gas, you remove weight. You can really feel the difference in how your Mustang GT corners, brakes and accelerates when doing this.

Other Misc Weight Reduction Tips For Your Mustang GT

There are other ways to shed a few pounds here and there. Switching to lighter than stock rotors. Replacing your front sway bar with a lighter one. These will only drop a few pounds and may not be worth the expense for some

Replacing your stock battery with a light weight racing battery is another option to drop about 10 more pounds of weight. This can be an expensive weight drop. Light weight racing batteries can be very expensive. If you can find one, a light weight high torque starter will drop an average of about 8 pounds of weight. At the time of this writing, I have not seen any available for the 2011-2014 Mustang GT.

One last weight reduction tip you can do that will drop about 30 pounds of weight. Simply remove your spare tire and junk from the trunk. Which is great is just going drag racing or other. Remember to put a can of flat tire repair and possibly a foot air pump in your trunk just in case. It may save you if by some chance you do get a flat tire.

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